Frozen DeLights




As of 12/27/2018 we are planning to have the lights on nightly thru New Years Eve.  If the weather forecast for New Years Day changes, we may need to take the lights down earlier.


Now running nightly thru December 31st, our FREE Computerized Christmas Light Show, Frozen DeLights!  Check out over 16,000 channels of computer animation controlling 68,886 (2018 Count) LED Christmas Lights!  We can’t tell you how many lights yet because you need to enter our contest!  Thru December 20th, you get one entry per frozen dessert purchased into our guess the number of lights outside for a $20 gift card, and of course, bragging rights!  We also have a large static display in the back yard with more traditional style Christmas lights.

Remember to tune your car radio to 93.5 FM when you get here to listen to the music the lights dance to!

Mark your calendars for one of the three nights SANTA will be with us!!!!  Santa and Mrs. Merry Clause herself will be with us Sat Dec 8, Thu Dec 13, and Thu Dec 20th!